We hand pick our speakers to bring you the best possible lineup with the most diverse range of expertise.

  1. Belinda Parmar

    Belinda Parmar

    Lady Geek

    Belinda is the founder and CEO of Lady Geek and the author of Little Miss Geek. Lady Geek is a campaigning agency that makes technology and games more accessible to women and girls. Since its launch in June 2010, Belinda and her team have been consulting corporate clients on how to transform the way they sell to women in retail, advertising, social media and web content and are currently transforming the retail experience for women in Johannesburg. Little Miss Geek is the non-for-profit arm of the business, which is currently inspiring young women to become Tech Pioneers with their coding and games design workshops in London inner city schools. Recent coverage includes The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, The Guardian, Financial Times, The Independent, Forbes and WIRED. Lady Geek’s client list includes Samsung, Telefónica, Xbox, Vodafone, Microsoft, Nokia, Kaspersky and Sony. In 2011, Lady Geek won Best Breakthrough Internet Company by Red Magazine. Belinda has spent over 18 years in marketing and advertising and has worked in some of the world’s most influential advertising agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather and Ogilvy Asia. Belinda is also a professor at Syracuse University. Belinda is a regular public speaker, and she has spoken at TEDxThessaloniki, Digital Shoreditch, Apple Store and Barclays. She has appeared on the BBC, Channel 4, Woman’s Hour and the Today Programme. She blogs for The Huffington Post, and has written for WIRED, Glamour, Grazia and Google. Belinda has recently been voted one of the most innovative women to follow on Twitter on The Huffington Post, and was shortlisted for a First Woman award.

  2. Bonny Colville-Hyde

    Bonny Colville-Hyde

    Sift Digital

    Bonny Colville-Hyde is a User Experience Consultant for the Bristol based agency Sift Digital. She has over seven years experience working in UX for a diverse range of clients, everything from eBay, Expedia, and Volkswagen Financial Services through to the Samaritans. After working on a project using comics to test ideas with users five years ago she's become a huge fan of the storytelling medium and is keen to share the approach with as many people as possible. Bonny loves log cabins, animal GIFs, Scandinavia, making crafty things and dreams of living in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones


    Chris's approach to digital is to combine big ideas with beautiful design and intuitive UX. He leads the creative team at Blueleaf, and loves creating engaging ideas and communicating them online with the best graphic design, photography, film, illustration, typography and copy.

  4. Francesca Panetta, Daan Louter and Robin Beitra

    Francesca Panetta, Daan Louter and Robin Beitra

    The Guardian

    The Guardian Interactive team is a small group of specialist designers, interactive developers and journalists working alongside editorial teams to produce dynamic, data-driven, projects. Francesca Panetta, is the Guardian’s multimedia special projects editor. She focuses on innovation in multimedia and interactive storytelling. Daan is an interactive designer from the Netherlands with a passion for code and development. He currently works on the Guardian Interactive team. Robin Beitra is an interactive software developer for the Guardian Interactive team.

  5. Gunnar Vilhjálmsson

    Gunnar Vilhjálmsson


    Gunnar Vilhjálmsson is a Senior Type Designer at Monotype, London. He has worked on diverse design projects for both art institutions and global enterprises along with teaching graphic design and co-authoring a book on the history and evolution of an essential letterform in his native language Icelandic, the ‘eth’ (ð). With a keen interest in multi-script typefaces, particularly ones involving Arabic and North-Indic scripts, Gunnar currently devotes his time to a variety of font projects at Monotype.

  6. Harry Roberts

    Harry Roberts

    CSS Wizardry

    Harry is a Consultant Front-end Architect, designer, developer, writer and speaker from the UK. Previously a Senior Developer at BSkyB, he now helps tech teams all over the world in building better front ends and specialises in authoring and scaling large front ends. He writes on the subjects of maintainability, architecture, performance, OOCSS and more at csswizardry.com. He is the lead and sole developer of inuit.css, a powerful, scalable, Sass-based, BEM, OOCSS framework.

  7. Hristo Pandjarov

    Hristo Pandjarov


    Hristo is one of the biggest WordPress enthusiasts in SiteGround web hosting company. He has done it all: supported WordPress clients, built websites, played around with WordPress themes, wrote tutorials, and built some plugins. Based on his experience, Hristo has a lot to share about WordPress speed, security and workflow optimisations.

  8. Inayaili de León Persson

    Inayaili de León Persson


    London-based Portuguese web designer and author Inayaili de León Persson is Lead Web Designer at Canonical — the company behind Ubuntu — where she focuses on establishing and evangelising the brands’ visual direction online. Through her blog Web Designer Notebook and articles for sites like 24 Ways and Smashing Magazine, she has established herself as an advocate of clean, semantic HTML and CSS. Inayaili is a member of .net Magazine and Smashing Magazine’s Expert Panel, and the author of Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites (Apress, 2011), a book that explores the challenges of working in large teams on websites that receive considerable traffic. She loves cats and naps.

  9. Jason Pamental

    Jason Pamental

    H+W Design

    Jason Pamental is the co-founder of h+w design (hwdesignco.com), writer and overall web & typography nerd (you can find his writing on typecastapp.com, fonts.com and elsewhere). Favorite self-descriptor: specializing in being a generalist (he's worked on the web since 1994 in a range of capacities). With a background in design and an intimate understanding of technology and its application on the web, he's led creative and technical efforts for major universities, NFL and America's Cup teams, Fortune 25 and technology corporations and many other clients. Jason also speaks about Responsive Design, Web Typography and Web Strategy at conferences and pretty much anywhere people will listen. When that’s not happening he’s usually hanging out with his family or following @aProperCollie around Turner Reservoir in the morning, posting photos on Instagram.

  10. Joe Harrison

    Joe Harrison

    Great Fridays

    Joe is a Lead Designer currently working for Great Fridays, a product & service design agency in London. He's worked on a wide range of projects for clients including Pearson, Capita, MasterCard and Google. In addition to designing websites and apps, Joe has a talent for iconography, and has been commissioned to create icons sets for clients such as Harrods and The Atlantic magazine. More recently he's designed and built responsiveicons.co.uk, a project exploring new and innovative ways to display scalable icons on the web. He's a massive tea fiend, and when he's not designing you'll find him tinkering with his 35mm film camera.

  11. Jon Setzen

    Jon Setzen

    Media Temple

    Jon Setzen is a creative director with more than 13 years experience. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. In addition to his job as Creative Director at web hosting and cloud services company (mt) Media Temple, he runs the Los Angeles Chapter of CreativeMornings - a monthly design lecture series with chapters in more than 40 cities worldwide. He lectures about design and branding at conferences domestically and abroad. He most recently spoke at Future Insights Live in Las Vegas in April and Future of Web Design in London in May. Additionally, he is the co-host of a design, music and culture podcast called The Build Up.

  12. Joshua Marshall

    Joshua Marshall

    Government Digital Service

    Joshua Marshall is a London-based web developer who works for the Government Digital Service as Head of Accessibility. Part of the original team that built the alpha.gov.uk prototype, he now leads the work the GDS does making GOV.UK and the tools and services Her Majesty's government is building as inclusive as possible, for everyone. No pressure then. He has a lot more tattoos than you'd really expect from a civil servant.

  13. Luke Murphy-Wearmouth

    Luke Murphy-Wearmouth


    Luke once designed and built a site on GeoCities, way back in 1998. Since then, he’s designed and built things for folks including British Council, Microsoft, Hotels.com, O2, FT.com and Pearson. These days, he spends his time as a freelance web designer, developer and consultant, as co-founder and DJ at Early Doors Disco, organises events for creatives around High Wycombe and occasionally chases ghosts through the streets of London.

  14. Mustafa Kurtuldu

    Mustafa Kurtuldu

    Digital Science

    Mustafa is a UX Designer at Digital Science, a technology company serving the needs of scientific research. He has over fourteen years experience working across many sectors including publishing, charities, local, central Government, education and finance with a variety of organisations including News International, DMGT, Trinity Mirror & Bazaarvoice. Mustafa has also been involved in voluntary work using the media/design/art to help ‘hard to reach groups’ such as young people, the homeless and those with mental health difficulties. He was an advisor for the Russell Commission, a youth volunteering initiative that led to the creation of the charity 'V' and did various design work for the award-winning youth magazine Exposure. His passion for creativity has also led to some of his print and photography to be exhibited at White Chapel Gallery and the Suresnes Salle des Fetes, France and he has also written articles for the Times Online and for .net magazine. In his spare time he likes to sleep and write about design on his blog.

  15. Paul Adams

    Paul Adams


    Paul Adams is the Head of Product Design at Intercom, where he leads future product design and the product roadmap. Paul is broadly recognised as one of the leading thinkers in social design and technology. His work has been widely published and cited, Fortune magazine described Paul as "one of Silicon Valley's most wanted", and his talk on the future of the web is one of the most viewed presentations online. Paul published his first book Grouped in 2011, which continues to be a primary reference for social marketing and design. Prior to Intercom, Paul worked as the Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook, leading design and marketing projects with the worlds leading brands and ad agencies. Paul also worked in product management at Facebook and was one of the companies foremost speakers on the future of marketing and social design. Prior to Facebook, Paul led social research at Google. Paul holds a Master of Science in Interactive Media and a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design. He holds multiple patents from Facebook, Google and Dyson and writes a popular blog at ThinkOutsideIn.com.

  16. Paul Boag

    Paul Boag


    Paul Boag has been working with the web since 1994. He is now co-founder of the digital agency Headscape, where he works closely with clients to establish their web strategy. Paul is a prolific writer having written the Website Owners Manual, Building Websites for Return on Investment, Client Centric Web Design and numerous articles for publications such as .net magazine, Smashing Magazine and the econsultancy.com. Paul also speaks extensively on various aspects of web design both at conferences across the world and on his award winning web design podcast Boagworld.

  17. Peter Gasston

    Peter Gasston


    Peter is a veteran web developer who now works as a technologist and front-end lead at rehabstudio on projects for clients including Google and Red Bull, and in partnership with some of the world’s biggest creative agencies. He’s the author of The Book of CSS3 and The Modern Web, and has written for Net Magazine, Smashing Magazine and A List Apart. In his spare time he ‘relaxes’ by reading voraciously, supporting Arsenal, and going on day trips to castles.

  18. Rachel Nabors

    Rachel Nabors

    Tin Magpie

    Rachel Nabors is an interaction developer and award-winning cartoonist. At her company, Tin Magpie, she deftly blends the art of traditional storytelling with digital media to “tell better stories through code.” She has written about web animation for A List Apart, Adobe Inspire, and 24ways.org. She enjoys a hot cup of oolong or a cold glass of cider.

  19. Razvan Caliman

    Razvan Caliman


    Razvan Caliman is an engineer on the Web Platform team at Adobe. He experiments with cutting-edge web technologies, and builds prototypes and tools to make life easier for web designers.

  20. Robin Hawkes

    Robin Hawkes


    Robin thrives on solving problems through code. He's a Digital Tinkerer, Head of Developer Relations at Pusher, former Technical Evangelist at Mozilla, and book author. In his spare time he experiments with new technology and data visualisation, often at the same time.

  21. Robin Rendle

    Robin Rendle

    Erskine Design

    Robin is a designer from Nottingham where he works with the lovely folks at Erskine Design as a front-end developer.

  22. Sarah Parmenter

    Sarah Parmenter

    You Know Who

    Sarah Parmenter is a multi-disciplinary designer who hails from the English seaside and travels the globe to speak at the world’s leading conferences. She has a client list that includes Blackberry, News International, STV and The National Breast Cancer Foundation of America and specialises in interface design for iOS — a skill she can often be found sharing with others at various workshops and seminars. Sarah is the owner of design studio You Know Who, co-host of the Happy Monday podcast, and was voted .Net Magazine’s ‘Designer of The Year’ in 2011. She lives in Essex with her husband and dog, and wouldn’t say no to a glass of wine, thank you.

  23. Senongo Akpem

    Senongo Akpem

    Cambridge University Press

    Senongo is the founder of Pixel Fable, a collection of interactive African stories. He is also a senior designer at Cambridge University Press, where he leads branding and design projects for a global audience. He speaks regularly on digital storytelling and design. Senongo grew up in Nigeria, lived in Japan for almost a decade, and recently moved to New York. He loves sci-fi.

  24. Simon Mackie

    Simon Mackie


    Simon is the product manager for SitePoint, responsible for producing books, courses, kits and other practical content products for web designers and developers.

  25. Stephanie Rieger

    Stephanie Rieger


    Stephanie is a designer, researcher and closet anthropologist with a passion for the many ways people interact with technology. A mobile industry veteran with a keen eye on emerging technologies, she has developed experiences for companies such as Nokia, Microsoft, Intel, Phillips and the NHS. Stephanie speaks at conferences and presents workshops on mobile design and strategy all over the world. She is also co-founder and one of the principals at Yiibu, a wee design consultancy based in Edinburgh.

  26. Stephen Hay

    Stephen Hay

    Zero Interface

    Stephen Hay is a front-end design and development consultant based in the Netherlands. He is the author of Responsive Design Workflow (Peachpit/New Riders 2013), a contributor to Smashing Book #3, and a frequent speaker. When he’s not working himself to death at his consultancy, Zero Interface, he appreciates a good Belgian ale and blogs about twice a year at the-haystack.com. Photo: Dan Rubin

  27. Todd Motto

    Todd Motto


    Todd is Lead Front-end Developer and Software Engineer at Appsbroker, Google partner of the year. He is a HTML5 and JavaScript developer and an AngularJS fanatic, recently partnering with Intel on their HTML5 Hub project. Todd created Conditionizr, selected as a finalist in NET Mag's Open Source Project of the Year, as well as others works recognised by Adobe, Google, KitKat, Microsoft, Rolling Stone.

  28. Westley Knight

    Westley Knight


    Westley has worked in agency environments throughout his career of 13 years in the web industry. He is the Senior UX/UI Developer with bda in Buckingham, occasional blogger and now (rather regular) speaker. During the day gets stuck in with UI design, prototyping and the responsive web. After 9pm he is generally powered by Frijj Fudge Brownie milkshakes.

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