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Monday, May 13 (09:00 - 17:00)

  1. Jim Kidwell

    Wonderful Web Typography

    Jim Kidwell

    In this session, leading typography expert Jim Kidwell will guide you through best practices for integrating incredible web typography into your future projects. We'll look at the rise of Web Fonts, how to choose and combine font selections for legibility and aesthetic reasons, and more. We'll also delve deeper into enabling @font-face and take a look at the new OpenType typographic controls offered by CSS3, and what they mean for the increasingly achievable precision of your work. In the middle section, you’ll get a live web site to practice with and experiment on, along with access to thousands of web fonts. The last hour will be free experimentation and critiques of existing sites. Please bring a laptop computer, and if you'd like feedback on a current site, bring the URL. The last hour will be free experimentation and critiques of existing sites. Please bring a laptop computer, and a URL for a site you’d like feedback on.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to make smart, project-appropriate typographic choices every time.
    • Best practices for working with web fonts: line spacing, contrast, and more.
    • The most common mistakes people make with custom web fonts.
    • Ways of attaining new precision in your type work with CSS3 (kerning, hyphenation etc.)
    • A look to the future, and what will be available, possible and supported across browsers with CSS3 and OpenType features, from basic typography to the weird and wonderful.
    • How to implement web fonts on a live site, in minutes.
  2. Peter Gasston

    [SOLD OUT] CSS3 Master Class

    Peter Gasston

    This one-day class covers all the bits of CSS3 that are stable enough for everyday use, from the nuts and bolts to the bells and whistles. A hands-on class that aims to get you as involved as possible, you'll start by traversing the DOM tree and finish with the basics of responsive web builds, with stops along the way for learning techniques to aid you with visual and interaction design. Whether you're a developer who wants to get up to date or a designer looking to broaden your skills, this class teaches core skills that will level-up your knowledge. All that's required is a basic understanding of CSS syntax, and a laptop to get involved with the exercises.

    What You'll Learn

    • Selectors and Units
    • Font & Typographic Styles
    • Background & Border Properties
    • Color & Gradients
    • Transforms & Animations
    • Layouts & Media Queries
  3. Joe Leech & Dave Ellender

    [SOLD OUT] UX Psychology For Web Designers

    Joe Leech & Dave Ellender

    You know somethings are ‘good design’ and some things are ‘bad design’ for usability & user experience but have never been quite sure why this is so? Learn the psychological principles behind how our brain makes sense of a user interface and you’ll be able to: a) Design better and b) Present and advocate your designs using psychology. In this workshop we'll take the typical elements of web and application design and deconstruct them using our knowledge of Cognitive Psychology to understand why some designs work better than others. We'll cover: Homepage and content pages, how people perceive & remember, forms & product pages, baskets & calls to action, how people decide. Through this we’ll look at how to find, apply and advocate using psychology theory. The workshop will be nothing like a lecture as we’ll be applying our learning immediately in short practical design exercises from the get go.

    What You'll Learn

    • Homepage and content page UX
    • How people perceive & remember
    • Forms & product pages
    • Baskets & calls to action
    • How people decide
  4. Addy Osmani

    The JavaScript Warrior Workshop

    Addy Osmani

    Learn how to build highly maintainable web applications using modern JavaScript frameworks and a polished tooling workflow. Building a maintainable web app these days can be a challenging process. With over 30 frameworks available for structuring your JavaScript alone, any developer would be forgiven for feeling completely overwhelmed with where to start. This workshop will give you everything you need to take your code from spaghetti to scalable in under 8 hours. Google’s Addy Osmani will take you through how to refactor your applications so that they’re more maintainable, taking you through modern architectural design patterns, frameworks and tools that can help make writing an app a joy again.

    What You'll Learn

    • Application refactoring 101
    • Effectively selecting and using an MVC/MV* framework
    • Modern application architecture techniques
    • A better tooling workflow to help you focus less on process and more on your app
    • Building large scale applications - the how, when and whys
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