We hand pick our speakers to bring you the best possible lineup with the most diverse range of expertise.

  1. Adam Sontag

    Adam Sontag


    Adam is a New York City-based web developer who has at times been a musician, writer, actor but, regrettably, not a professional football player. He works for Bocoup and serves as Developer Relations Lead for the jQuery Project.

  2. Alex Morris

    Alex Morris


    Alex Morris is a Senior Product Manager at Adobe, helping build tools for themodern web. Design and UX specialist, maker of stuff. Constant tinkerer.

  3. Allen Tan

    Allen Tan


    Allen Tan is an interactive designer at the NYTimes, an assistant editor at Contents Magazine, and an editorial wrangler for Codex. He thinks about possible futures of reading & publishing, and lives on the internet as @tealtan.

  4. Bermon Painter

    Bermon Painter

    Cardinal Solutions

    Bermon Painter is the UX Design Lead for Cardinal Solutions. He's also heavily involved in the local tech community in Charlotte and organizes the Charlotte User Experience Designer, Charlotte Front-End Developers, and Blend Conference. In his free time he works the folks at @teamsassdesign on the redesign of the Sass website. Outside of technology he enjoys languages, speaks fluent Spanish, is working on Italian, plays classical piano and enjoys visiting the beaches and mountains of Ecuador with his family.

  5. Brendan Dawes

    Brendan Dawes

    Brendan Dawes is a designer and artist exploring the interaction of objects, people, technology and art using an eclectic mix of digital and analog materials. Ever since his first experiences with the humble ZX81 back in the early eighties, Brendan has continued to explore the interplay of people, code, design and art through his work on brendandawes.com where he publishes ideas, toys and projects created from an eclectic mix of digital and analog objects. His work is featured in the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York and is a Visiting Teaching Fellow at the Manchester School of Art. Fillings for rectangles is how he often describes his work. Over the years those rectangles have come in various shapes and sizes including websites, iPhone apps, posters, books, electronic circuits and pieces of plastic. Whilst his output takes on many forms, running through all his work are consistent themes of playfulness, curiosity and experimentation.

  6. Brett Harned

    Brett Harned

    Happy Cog

    Brett Harned is the Vice President of Project Management at Happy Cog in Philadelphia, PA. He has more than 15 years of experience in communications and creative team management serving in roles from copywriter to account director. Since joining Happy Cog, Brett has managed projects for Zappos, MTV, and Monotype Imaging, and has seen the project management team grow two-fold. He began blogging about his adventures in project management when he realized that the perceptions of the positions were just a little off. Since, he has spoken at events like SXSW, written for .net magazine and pmhut.com, taught a web project workshop at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and has led the biggest, most satisfying project of his career: the Digital PM Summit, a new conference for people who manage all things digital. When Brett isn’t wrangling timelines and budgets in the office, he likes to discover new music, experiment with photography, and explore the City of Brotherly Love with his wife and two daughters.

  7. Charles H Warren

    Charles H Warren


    Charles H. Warren recently joined Salesforce from Google as SVP of Product Design. Before Salesforce, Charles led the User Experience team for Google+, Google's social platform. He also led Google's mobile product development team, where he designed applications for iPhone and Android users, as well as for users in developing markets like Africa, India, and China. Prior to Google, Charles was a design lead in IDEO's Software Experience Design Practice, where he led projects for many clients, including Nokia and ABC Television. Prior to joining IDEO in 2002, Charles was involved in a number of early-stage technology and consulting businesses, including the web consulting firm Scient (where he helped launch Scient's Innovation Acceleration Lab in San Francisco), the Idea Factory, and Cactus. He has a BA from the University of Michigan where he studied Art History, Design, and Computer Science. Charles lives in the Mission in San Francisco.

  8. Dane Howard

    Dane Howard


    Dane Howard is a Designer & Entrepreneur. He has built his career through helping companies design, prototype and build products. With a background in sequential media, he has focused much of his work on creating design cultures of ‘making’ focused on product stories. Dane has worked on an international scale serving a principle design and leadership role for Microsoft, Designworks | BMW, Major League Baseball, Quokka Sports, NBCOlympics and eBay. His work and travels have brought him experience in working both in Europe & Asia. He co-founded VUVOX, which was acquired in 2008 by eBay. He started the ‘preVIZ’ movement for eBay and now helps run global brand experience for eBay inc. Dane is an author, photographer, designer, and father. A personal website for his kids spawned a book entitled, The Future of Memories to help anyone better prepare, document and share their life’s stories. Dane frequently speaks on innovation, design and surviving big companies.

  9. Geri Coady

    Geri Coady


    Geri Coady is a designer, illustrator, and photographer living and working in Newfoundland, Canada. By day she's an Art Director at an advertising agency, and by night she freelances and blogs through her website hellogeri.com. Geri loves teaching kids how to make websites and is a self-admitted conference junkie. She has been published in magazines including .Net and Digital Arts, and recently illustrated a children's book for Scholastic UK.

  10. Ian Murphy

    Ian Murphy

    Future Insights

    Ian is a Future Insights Product Director. He is a writer, gamer, sports enthusiast, classicist, geek and loudmouth. He somehow combines those things into usefulness as the content wonk for Future Insights.

  11. Jacob Surber

    Jacob Surber


    Jacob Surber is a Product Manager at Adobe focussed on design and HTML.

  12. Jason Pamental

    Jason Pamental

    H+W Design

    Jason Pamental is the co-founder of h+w design (hwdesignco.com), writer and overall web & typography nerd (you can find his writing on typecastapp.com, fonts.com and elsewhere). Favorite self-descriptor: specializing in being a generalist (he's worked on the web since 1994 in a range of capacities). With a background in design and an intimate understanding of technology and its application on the web, he's led creative and technical efforts for major universities, NFL and America's Cup teams, Fortune 25 and technology corporations and many other clients. Jason also speaks about Responsive Design, Web Typography and Web Strategy at conferences and pretty much anywhere people will listen. When that’s not happening he’s usually hanging out with his family or following @aProperCollie around Turner Reservoir in the morning, posting photos on Instagram.

  13. Jen Simmons

    Jen Simmons

    The Web Ahead

    Jen Simmons is a designer who builds stuff, too. She’s best-known as the host of The Web Ahead, a podcast about changing technologies and the future of the web. Creating websites since 1996, Jen designs innovative sites and products using the latest web technology, pushing the envelope of what's possible. She's also an independent consultant and trainer, helping teams transition to a responsive design process and envision implementations of the HTML5 APIs.

  14. Jeremy Keith

    Jeremy Keith


    Jeremy Keith lives in Brighton, England where he makes websites with the splendid design agency Clearleft. You may know him from such books as DOM Scripting: JavaScript’s New Hope, Bulletproof Ajax: The Browser Strikes Back, and HTML5 For Web Designers: Return Of The Standards. He’s the curator of the dConstruct conference as well as Brighton SF, and he organised the world’s first Science Hack Day. He also made the website Huffduffer to allow people to make podcasts of found sounds—it’s like Instapaper for audio files. Hailing from Erin’s green shores, Jeremy maintains his link to Irish traditional music running the community site The Session. He also indulges a darker side of his bouzouki-playing in the band Salter Cane. Jeremy spends most of his time goofing off on the internet, documenting his time-wasting on adactio.com, where he has been writing for over ten years.

  15. Jim Kidwell

    Jim Kidwell

    As a writer, speaker and general font nerd, Jim Kidwell has written and spoken extensively on the use and management of fonts in creative workflows. Published in over seven languages, Jim has a unique perspective about how fonts and their usage can affect an organization – from the legal, creative and branding standpoints. He is a staunch advocate for the creative and excellent use of typography in all aspects of design. By day, he spends his time working to make web font delivery services and font management applications the best that they can be.

  16. Jimmy Chandler

    Jimmy Chandler

    Modus Create

    Jimmy Chandler, currently the Director of UX for Modus Create, Inc, started his first web-related job in 1997, and has been on a non-stop mission since trying to improve his skills and teach others what he learns. He recently relocated from the Washington, DC area to Brooklyn, NY.

  17. Jina Bolton

    Jina Bolton


    Jina Bolton enjoys creating beautiful user experiences. She currently works as a product designer at Do, an awesome company that helps you get work done. Previously, Jina has worked at rad companies including Apple, Engine Yard, and Crush + Lovely. She also coauthored 2 books, Fancy Form Design and The Art & Science of CSS. She is currently helping lead Team Sass Design (a task force redesigning the Sass website) and Susy Next, the upcoming version of the Susy Responsive Grid system for Compass. She also has a side project, Art in My Coffee, a curated gallery of coffee art.

  18. Joe Johnston

    Joe Johnston

    Universal Mind

    As Director of UX and Director of R&D for Universal Mind, Joe Johnston describes his role as “not a designer, not a developer, but in-between”. With 13 years of experience in design, he’s been creating great User Experiences well before the term “UX” was created. He specializes in delivering consumer grade enterprise applications, interactive software applications for the web, desktop, kiosks, and mobile and embedded devices. Prior to joining Universal Mind, Joe served as a UX Technologist at Knoware where he created the Flex Filter Explorer. He also worked as a Front End Technologist at Crowe Chizek where he created hundreds of small banking sites and one of the first Flex Catalogue applications. Joe’s contributions to Universal Mind have been fundamental as he was the UX Lead in creating the Digital Experience Framework that was used in creating the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He was also the idea creator and UX lead for iBrainstorm Joe runs the Grand Rapids chapter of IxDA. He also enjoys playing hockey with his son, watching his daughter dance and cheering on his wife at running events.

  19. Joe Leech

    Joe Leech


    A recovering neuroscientist via a spell as a primary school teacher to a MSc in Human Computer Interaction, Joe embarked on a UX career 10 years ago. He's conducted over 800 user tests and designed interfaces for people like eBay, Marriott, Virgin and many more. As a User Experience Director for cxpartners Joe heads up a team of user experience consultants. He specialises in designing every aspect of the user experience from initial research to developing online strategies to producing wireframes & managing a design team.

  20. John McKinney & Tim Boisvert

    John McKinney & Tim Boisvert

    Ashe Avenue

    John is the CEO and cofounder of Ashe Avenue. With dual degrees in electrical and computer engineering, John has a vast knowledge in interactive and digital strategy, information architecture, and performance and optimization. John has taken the lead for highly successful campaigns including Vice Magazine, Next New Networks, AOL and other nationally-recognized brands. He stays heavily involved in every project that hits the desk at Ashe Avenue. Tim has an educational background of computer science and over a decade of experience in the enterprise web sector, building high-volume sites and applications at Novell and Red Hat. Some examples of his work are the web-based, decision-making tool ConundrumCloud and notable iOS apps such as Boundn, Fatso, and Gherkin. Tim serves as the lead developer at Ashe Avenue, balancing technical innovation with operational efficiency for clients of all shapes and sizes.

  21. Jon Setzen

    Jon Setzen

    Media Temple

    Jon Setzen designed and coded his first website in 1995 and over the years has worked with everyone from Alicia Keys to Nikon to MoMA. For many years he also designed rock posters, which were exhibited in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Tokyo and beyond. Since 2012, he has been the Creative and UX Director of Media Temple, a Los Angeles-based company offering premium web hosting and cloud services to web designers, developers and creative agencies. While at Media Temple, he has led redesigns of the company’s website and Account Center. Additionally, Setzen runs the Los Angeles chapter of CreativeMornings, a monthly design lecture series with chapters in more than 100 cities worldwide, and he is the co-host of a design, music and culture podcast called The Build Up. He is also the founder of Arlo Jacob Candle Company. Setzen regularly lectures about design and branding at conferences domestically and abroad.

  22. Josh Clark

    Josh Clark

    Global Moxie

    Josh Clark is a designer, developer, and author specializing in mobile design strategy and user experience. He’s author of the O’Reilly books “Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps” and “Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders.” Josh’s outfit Global Moxie offers consulting services and workshops to help creative companies build tapworthy mobile apps and effective websites.

  23. Khoi Vinh

    Khoi Vinh


    Khoi Vinh is a designer, writer and entrepreneur. He was the CEO and cofounder of the groundbreaking mobile startup Mixel, which was acquired by Etsy in January 2013. He currently leads Etsy's mobile product design team. Previously, he was digital design director for The New York Times, and he was a cofounder of the award-winning design studio Behavior, LLC. In 2011 Fast Company named him one of "The 50 Most Influential Designers in America." He writes about design, technology and culture at Subtraction.com.

  24. Linda Sandvik

    Linda Sandvik

    Code Club

    Linda Sandvik is a wannabe MacGyver. Developer by day, hacker by night. Co-founder of Code Club. Part-time adventurer. She likes Tesla, bots, blimps & beams. She would love you to vote for her to go to Space! http://bit.ly/YxARJY

  25. Maya Bruck

    Maya Bruck


    Maya Bruck is Creative Director at Pixo, a growing, employee-run digital consulting agency, where she guides clients through identity crisis to a meaningful, impactful web presence. In addition to conducting client therapy, she also designs websites and applications that are both beautiful and organization-changing. A passion for collaboration and community led her to co-found the Champaign-Urbana Design Organization (CUDO) in 2008, and through CUDO she has cultivated a vibrant local design culture. She speaks regularly about design and client management, and is overcoming her fear of learning javascript.

  26. Michael Parenteau

    Michael Parenteau


    Michael has been on a creative path since his first box of crayons. He is currently living in Portland, OR and working as the Creative Director at software consultancy firm, Relevance. He has been to 49 of the 50 states, walked across the country (twice) and has been known to leave a trail of art hanging on the walls of those who've provided hospitality. Michael works like everything's in a sketchbook and likes to embrace happy accidents. He believes that misplaced pixels are merely opportunities mid-process. He also believes that if one human has done it...you can do it too.

  27. Mike Nimer & Kellen Styler

    Mike Nimer & Kellen Styler

    Universal Mind

    Mike Nimer, Solutions Architect for Universal Mind, has spent over a decade on the forefront of web application development and server management. He specializes in CQ5, Java, Android, HTML5/JS, Flex and ColdFusion development, as well as social media integration (he’s probably done more Twitter and Facebook code than he cares to admit). As a recognized thought leader in the industry, he has provided development and mentoring help for companies around the world. Prior to joining Universal Mind, Mike was the Director of Engineering for the nomee.com platform, specializing in social media mash-ups for brands. Mike was also a founding partner of Digital Primates IT Consulting Group, a Principal Consultant for the Allaire and Macromedia consulting group, and a member of the Adobe ColdFusion engineering team where he was responsible for a number of key features including HTML-to-PDF generation and the integration of Flex 2 with the ColdFusion Server. Mike speaks regularly at industry events and is a contributing author to a number of books on Flex and ColdFusion as well as the Adobe Developer Connection. He participates regularly in Open-Source projects including dpHibernate and the CF/Spring MVC project. Mike holds two patents, received in 2009 and 2010. Kellen Styler started playing with design and user experience when Flash 3 was released in 1998. Since then he has had more than a decade of experience in information architecture, interface design, and rich Internet applications (RIA) development. His passions in all three areas have formed a bridge between traditional development and creative roles enabling him to provide a wealth of understanding across disciplines. He also brings several years of valuable experience with enterprise level solutions to the team at Universal Mind. Since the transition from Macromedia to Adobe, Kellen has also been on projects teams working on concepts, pixel perfect designs, and development for other solution technologies such as the iPhone, Microsoft Surface, Silverlight, and WPF. Aside from losing sleep in the UX world trying to making his designs a reality, Kellen spends the rest of his spare time in the wild with his photography, snowboarding, hiking, and world travels.

  28. Sam Richard

    Sam Richard

    NBC Universal

    Sam Richard is the Senior Front End Developer for NBCUniversal's Publisher UX team where he waxes philosophical about Sass+Compass, Responsive Web Design, Design in Browser, Content Strategy, User Experience, and occasionally on Drupal. Better known throughout the internet as Snugug, he co-organizes a number of front-end meet up groups in NYC, a group of like-minded front developers building awesome front-end tools called Team Sass, and is co-organizing the world's first Sass Conference. Sam maintains a number of open source projects to make designing in browser, rapid prototyping, and build responsive sites easier.

  29. Shay Howe

    Shay Howe


    As a designer and front end developer, Shay Howe has a passion for solving problems while building creative and intuitive products. Shay specializes in product design and interface development, specialties in which he regularly writes and speaks about. Currently he is the Director of Product at Belly, helping build the world's best loyalty program. Additionally, Shay helps co-organize Chicago Camps, Refresh Chicago, and UX Happy Hour. You can catch up with him on Twitter as @shayhowe or on his website at http://learn.shayhowe.com/

  30. Sophie Kleber

    Sophie Kleber


    Sophie is VP of User Experience at Huge and provides a leadership role in key stages of research, product definition, and interaction design and has worked on some of Huge's largest engagements, including Comcast, SwissCom, IKEA, Under Armour, and Nutrisystem. Prior to working at Huge, Sophie designed complex software applications in her hometown of Berlin, Germany. With a background in print design, she brings her passion for information graphics to her current position. She has taught at the Touro College Berlin, the University of the Arts Berlin and Bergh's School of Communication in Stockholm and also blogged for the TED conference in 2010. Sophie is a Fulbright alumna and holds an MFA in Graphic Design from Fachhochschule Potsdam (Germany) and a Master's in Product Design from the University of the Arts (Germany).

  31. Steve Fisher

    Steve Fisher

    Republic of Quality

    Steve is the content nerd-herder and design fanatic at The Republic of Quality (www.republicofquality.com). With over 18 years of experience, he leads the charge on the creative end of projects, co-ordinating research, strategy, visual design, interaction design and content strategy. Steve is a professional member of the Graphic Designer’s Society of Canada and served as their national VP of web for three years. He spends much of his time representing RoQ on the global stage as a sought-after speaker on topics like responsive web design, UX, open source, design thinking, and web process. He has presented at such conferences as TEDx, SXSW, Future of Web Design, HOW Interactive Design conference, Web Visions and DrupalCon, and is a contributor to Net magazine. He also loves Twitter (maybe a little too much).

  32. Steve Hickey

    Steve Hickey

    Fresh Tilled Soil

    Steve Hickey is a User Experience Strategist at Fresh Tilled Soil in Watertown, MA. Educated in print design at UMass Dartmouth, he jumped to the web immediately after graduation. He started out building marketing emails but quickly moved into creating sites and applications built with clean and semantic code. A proud and meticulous craftsman, Steve loves a good design/dev/UX challenge. He's the company typography nerd and is always keeping up with (and mercilessly criticizing) the latest trends and techniques. He's a craft beer aficionado and brewer, an unapologetic Star Wars fan, an aspiring handyman, and a future marathoner.

  33. Tammie Helm

    Tammie Helm

    Universal Mind

    As EVP of Client Engagement, Tammie is responsible for the face of Universal Mind, overseeing the experience of clients across all touch points, including marketing and communications both externally and internally to consulting teams. Tammie grew up in the technology industry with more than 18 years experience marketing products and services for world-class companies such as Netscape, HP, The Wall Street Journal, and Adobe. She has a unique blend of management, creative, and analytical skills, combined with a passionate advocacy for the customer experience in everything she has done. With a breadth of expertise in integrated marketing program strategy and execution across diverse communications vehicles, she believes customer experience is what truly defines the brand.

  34. Tiffany Shlain

    Tiffany Shlain

    The Moxie Institute

    Honored by Newsweek as one of the “Women Shaping the 21st Century,” Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker, founder of The Webby Awards, and co-founder of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Her films and work have received over 60 awards and her new acclaimed film “Connected” premiered at Sundance and was selected by The US State Department to represent America at embassies around the world. Her new film series, “Let it Ripple: Mobile Films for Global Change,” uses a new participatory filmmaking style she calls Cloud Filmmaking. She is currently working on a new series for AOL called "The Future Starts Here" which premieres Oct 10, 2013.

  35. Val Head

    Val Head

    Val Head is a designer obsessed with type and code. She speaks internationally at conferences and leads workshops on web design and creative coding. Every year she bring a swarm of web designers to Pittsburgh for Web Design Day, the conference she co-founded. She is the managing editor of CreativeJS.com and the author of the Pocket Guide to CSS Animations from Five Simple Steps. Val tweets too much, occasionally dribbbles, and blogs somewhat consistently.

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