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Sqribble is an ebook creator software from Adeel Chowdhry, which allows you to produce high quality ebooks — just by clicking your mouse a few times. Anyone who has attempted to write an ebook themselves knows how challenging the process can be. As well as spending untold hours writing the content, you have to allocate time to design the cover of your ebook and do the formatting.

One option, if you are time poor and not artistic, is to hire someone to create the ebook for you. Nonetheless, good writers don’t come cheap, so you will have to invest a significant sum of money upfront. At least, that’s how it used to be. Sqribble streamlines the entire process of designing and creating ebook content, thereby saving online marketers lots of money and time. This Sqribble review will examine what this innovative software has to offer.

Features of the Software

The software that Sqribble runs on is cloud based, and enables ebooks, whitepapers and reports, etc to be created quickly. It uses drag and drop design elements and preprepared templates that make publishing your own ebook a cinch. This software stands out from other ebook creators, because it boasts some excellent features that are not available elsewhere. These include:

-Content in a Flash — Sqribble allows text to be imported from its’ own library, word documents, websites, your computer, or other online sources to feature in your ebook. As a result, you can avoid typing out your ebook content manually, if it already exists elsewhere. In addition, the software enables you to source online content and repurpose it, to create a unique ebook. If you detest writing and have little spare time, this feature is a godsend – because it means that you can produce quality ebooks out of thin air, without needing to write anything. This allows you to save money that you would spend otherwise on freelance writers. If you have limited capital, Sqribble is a viable, low cost alternative that can make your life much easier.

-User Friendly Interface — The interface on Sqribble is extremely intuitive. It will automatically detect and format chapter openings and new imported sections of text. This means that you can develop your content, just by operating some built in options. Furthermore, the software has a live preview facility, which enables you to see how your ebook will look on different devices. This makes it quicker to generate content and saves you time.

-Beautiful Ecovers — The software includes more than fifty splendid templates that really catch the eye of potential customers. They are perfect for presenting your company as a trendsetter in your niche. These templates are distributed across fifteen niches and labelled appropriately. After you have chosen your preferred template, you are given a number of customization options to help you appeal to your target audience. You just need to click on some prompts, then drag and drop a few colors, footers and headers to the desired location, and you will have an amazing ebook cover before you know it. These covers look fantastic, wherever they are displayed.

-Flipbook Creation — In contrast to other ebook creators, Sqribble has a clever feature that allows animated flip pages to be added to ebooks – which makes them appear like real books. This will boost the appeal of your ebook and make it more likely to be downloaded and sold.

-Convenient Formatting and Publishing — Users of the software can customize content easily, after they have exported it to Sqribble’s workspace. They can make text edits, delete or change tables of contents, add calls to action, media and banners, or amend headers, buttons, links, text blocks and bullet lists, etc. When the changes are complete, click the ‘Generate’ icon in the top right corner of the screen, and your ebook can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. Users are strongly advised to preview their ebook, prior to saving it in PDF format.

Once you have purchased Sqribble, just sign in with the account information you provided. You will find numerous template ebooks to pick from. These are sorted into categories, so select one that suits the niche you are in. After choosing a template, click on ‘View’ — then, you will be presented with the options below:

-Start Afresh – This does not need much explaining. You will start from scratch on a new project.
-Source Content via a URL — With this option, you enter a URL and the software obtains content from it automatically. Always ensure that you give proper credit to the websites whose content you have used.
-Use Article Library — With this option, you can use text from a collection of content that Sqribble owns. You do not need to credit anybody if you use this method.
-Import Word Document – This pulls text from a Word file into the software.
-Copy/Paste – This enables content to be copied from other websites. After you find what you require, just paste the text into the software template.

Benefits of the Software

Undoubtedly, the professional designs, and speed and simplicity with which you can produce quality ebooks, is the biggest benefit of Sqribble. Being able to convert ebooks into flipbooks is just a further outstanding feature. This makes your ebooks seem more ‘authentic’, which is a positive thing as far as customer engagement goes.

The customization options are highly impressive as well. You can amend your layouts, designs and anything else to precise specifications. The software allows you to experiment with the design and formatting, delete things and add things, etc. You can really let your creative juices flow with Sqribble.

However, if the thought of feature overload frightens you, fear not. The software is designed with simplicity in mind. You could just opt for the preprepared layouts, styles and templates, and import your text automatically. Then, just like magic, you will have a professional ebook that attracts people’s attention, piques their interest, develops trust, and differentiates you from your competitors.

About the Creator

Best selling author Adeel Chowdhry has released a number of digital products, which have cemented his reputation as an expert in online marketing. The coaching business he runs has helped many online marketers to achieve success. Prior to launching Sqribble, he developed Pixzel Studio FX – a tool for creating digital covers that thousands of companies the world over have used. Adeel understands from personal experience the obstacles that online marketers face, so his products invariably offer much needed viable solutions to these issues. Sqribble is a case in point.

Pricing Options

The software costs $67 normally, but occasionally, the vendor offers coupon codes that can give you a $20 discount. You should check the official website for more details. At the moment, four upsells are available. These are not required to use the software, but they could be handy — based on your particular circumstances.

-Upsell one costs $97. It consists of roughly 150 quality templates that cover different niches.
-Upsell two costs $47. Each month, users can access fifteen limited edition templates for ebooks.
-Upsell three costs $77. This is a tool for creating ebook covers. You will be able to convert your two dimensional ebook covers into three dimensional covers. Also, for a more engaging experience, you can produce flipbooks.
-Upsell four is the most expensive at $197. This is a tool that helps you to find jobs with different clients, who are searching for services like ebook creation.

Sqribble provides a thirty day refund guarantee, which is an encouraging sign. This shows that the vendor has confidence in the product. It means that you can look at the software and test all the features, without taking a financial risk.

What Other People are Saying

Reviews from customers online about Sqribble are overwhelmingly positive. People love being able to produce ebooks quickly, and like how the software helps them to finish ebooks if they get stuck. The support and training are highly praised, along with the fact that you can create professional looking ebooks, just by copying a URL. A large percentage of customers say that they will keep using the software, because it saves them so much money and time.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of competition online these days, so ebooks are important marketing tools, whatever products you sell. Sqribble is a user friendly, versatile tool that marketers can use to create professional ebooks cheaply and quickly. For the basic product, only one payment is required. Once you invest in this software, you will not need to spend significant sums of money on freelancers, or waste your time writing content. Keep your precious capital in your bank account, while this innovative technology does all the heavy lifting for a much smaller cost. Suffice to say, this software is recommended as the best way to create nice looking ebooks and reports, and deserves a 5/5 star rating. Sign up today, and you will be thrilled by how fast, simple and effective the whole process is.


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