The 12 Minute Affiliate System Review


It is possible to make money online in a number of ways, and there are no shortage of websites promising to show you the latest and greatest method. You can earn cash doing freelance jobs, completing surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and more. There are even online platforms that pay you to test other people’s websites. However, for lots of people — particularly those who have some experience of earning on the Internet — the best way to profit is with affiliate marketing. This is a way of promoting services or products with unique links, which identify you as the advertiser. When people click on these links and buy something, you receive a commission payment.

If you are skilled at online promotion, this way of profiting on the Internet could be a fruitful venture. However, if you lack experience and are unsure where to start, finding success with affiliate marketing is an uphill struggle. There are courses available that teach you about different aspects of online marketing, but these courses tend to be time consuming and labor intensive. If you do not have the time or patience to learn new skills, there are turnkey programs available too. The 12 Minute Affiliate System is one such example. It claims to be a ‘ready to go’ affiliate marketing method that can be launched in only twelve minutes. Reportedly, after it is up and running, you can earn hundreds of dollars per day with this program. The 12 Minute Affiliate System review that follows will delve deeper into these claims.

Features of the Course

This program offers professional sales funnels, with prewritten emails and preprepared landing pages, which anyone can use to earn commissions quickly. Course creator Devon Brown made it simple to set up and use, because he has done the difficult copywriting and design work. Once you buy the course, you receive an instruction list explaining how to begin. Inside the membership area, you can pick which products you want to promote from three different niches — namely, weight loss, personal development and home business. These niches are evergreen and big, with many products available. After selecting your products and niche, you do the following three things:

1) System Customization – This involves creating your affiliate links for the products you will promote, and getting your sales funnels and email autoresponder ready. An autoresponder enables you to build an email list, which is vital if you want make money on the Internet over the long term. Step by step tutorials are provided on how to set up an autoresponder, which is helpful for beginners. The sales funnels are hosted on the course platform itself, so you do not have to purchase any hosting. A ‘hands free’ option is available, where one of Devon’s team members will set up everything for you.

2) Attract Visitors to Your Website — You can advertise your landing pages independently, or purchase the program’s ‘in house’ traffic — which only takes a couple of minutes. Once visitors land on your website, the system takes care of the selling automatically. Many people, particularly beginners, struggle to get website visitors, so the in house traffic option is useful. Essentially, this consists of solo ads provided by sellers with a reputation for delivering high quality traffic, or visitors with buyer intent.

3) Pocket Your Affiliate Earnings – After your account is set up, you will receive a commission whenever you make a sale. People who enter their details into your autoresponder will be sent emails automatically. These emails are prewritten and carefully crafted to encourage people to purchase products through your affiliate link. Each time somebody buys a product after clicking on your personal link, you get paid.

There are two different levels of membership with The 12 Minute Affiliate System. The level you choose depends on whether you want to concentrate on a single niche website, or a few niche websites. Some members opt to forgo the use of an autoresponder. For these people, their landing pages serve as bridge pages, with no opt in forms, by preselling products then linking visitors to the products’ sales pages.

Benefits of the Course

This program is a ‘done for you’ system, which is carefully designed to allow people to earn affiliate commissions, without the hassle of setting up software and websites. It streamlines the process of earning affiliate profits online, with straightforward, practical steps. With this program, you could make several hundred dollars in a matter of minutes, however your results will vary depending on the products you decide to promote. The good news is that all these products have high gravity scores on Clickbank, and sell really well. This is particularly true of products in the weight loss niche. The payouts for these products are generous too, which means that you stand to make good money from promoting them.

There is an affiliate program for the 12 Minute Affiliate course itself, so you can earn commissions by promoting the course to others. Whenever somebody registers on the course using your affiliate link, you will earn fifty percent of the sale price. The program has its’ own Facebook group, where members get together and give advice to one another. This is an active group, and extremely supportive. Members of the group regularly motivate each other, post questions, and get helpful replies from moderators and other members. Devon Brown actually posts in this group himself every now and then. Also, there are many screenshots of people earning their first commissions on the Internet. All things considered, this course is a fantastic product, because it eliminates guesswork and helps you to set up affiliate websites that generate healthy profits.

About the Course Creator

Devon Brown is the creator of this innovative system. He is an established online marketer, who has released other products ​in the past – such as Webcopycat. As a successful entrepreneur, he knows that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, because he did not get any results from his online ventures for seven years. This is what inspired him to share this effective system, because he wanted to give others the opportunity to experience online success, without years of frustration.

Previously, Devon has created products that thousands of customers have found helpful, so he is well known in the online marketing space. This gives you confidence that his course works and is not just a bunch of rehashed information. Many online marketing courses available have anonymous owners, so it is definitely encouraging to have an owner who is happy to put his name to a product.

Pricing Options

As already stated, there are a couple of membership levels: Basic and Gold. Basic costs $47 monthly, or $397 as a one off fee for lifetime membership. Gold membership costs $97 monthly, or $797 as a one off fee for lifetime membership. Both types of membership offer virtually everything you need. However, Gold membership gives you access to all three niches (weight loss, personal development and home business), and offers more preprepared sales funnels and prewritten follow up emails. There is a two week trial period offered with this course, which only costs $9.95. At the end of this period, you start making the regular subscription payment each month – depending on which membership level you signed up to.

What Others People are Saying

​​​Most customers describe the course in positive terms. Beginners tend to find that it is a helpful introduction to online marketing, with email follow up sequences being the secret to customer engagement and affiliate profits. While no one has reported becoming rich overnight, the course does provide a solid starting point from which to progress. Customers who lack copywriting ability and/or design skills say that they appreciate the prewritten emails and preprepared landing pages. These resources save them from having to undergo training to master new skills.

Customers who have little time to set up sales funnels and websites, or create products of their own, say that this turnkey course is a great fit for them. These customers are often people who are looking for a side income, but who have no spare time to devote to technical tasks. Beginners who have shied away from affiliate marketing in the past, because they did not want the hassle of having to write articles for their websites, are quick to praise The 12 Minute Affiliate System as well.

Final Thoughts

You can make a lot of money online from affiliate marketing, and The 12 Minute Affiliate System makes it easy to do this with popular niches. You will learn how email integration works, how sales funnels work, how to track your autoresponder series, and what buying solo ads involves. Members who absorb and implement the course methodology should profit over time. Two upsells are offered, but you do not need to purchase these. The course itself is extremely affordable, so – with a two month refund guarantee — it has to come highly recommended, with a 5/5 star rating.


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