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As if Doodly wasn’t enough, its creators have decided to launch a similar program designed to help newbies and non-tech-savvy individuals to take advantage of self-made explainer videos. Explainer videos have exploded recently and have become de rigeur among many internet marketers and video content creators. These videos have cut through the challenge of getting your information across to your target market without being ignored or worse, rejected. Toonly promises to be the next best tool (if not the best) in helping you create explainer videos for whatever purpose you intend to use them. In this Toonly review, we will take a look at the features that make the program a standout, its advantages, limitations, and whether or not it is worth the buy.

What is Toonly?

Toonly is a program designed to create videos using cartoon scenes and characters. Unlike its predecessor, Toonly uses cartoon characters to tell a story or present information. It uses the same interface as Doodly, in that you have access to done-for-you objects and images that you can drag and drop into a scene. The creators really went for simplicity in this program, ensuring that the process of creating videos is as uncomplicated as possible. The creators understand that not every internet marketer, video content creator, or budding teacher is tech-savvy and that the intricacies involved in the making of explainer videos often turn people off when there is a steep learning curve required to use a program.

Toonly is simple and deliberately designed to be as uncomplicated as possible. The easy drag and drop process allows you to set up a scene, decide which characters to use, and how the video will begin and end. If you fear these types of programs, Toonly should get you comfortable in no time. For one, it does not require you to have drawing or coding skills. Every element that you can use in the program is already provided for you. Scenes are preloaded and characters can perform a number of animated actions to demonstrate a concept or tell a story.


Toonly has a straightforward interface that lets you click on an image, then add it to a scene you choose. It features a huge library of characters, backgrounds, and props. Choose from characters of different genders, age, ethnicity, or appearance to suit your project.

Characters are not passive drawings as well. You can make them move, walk, run, even fly. The massive library of images allows you to pick any combination of scenes/backgrounds with any number/type of characters or objects. You also have a choice of music, which comes included with the program. Better yet, the music is royalty-free, so you can use any audio file with no worries about violating copyright laws. Toonly also gives you full commercial rights over your finished work. Should you decide to use your completed videos for marketing and sales, or monetize them in some way, you have full control.

You do not need internet access to work with Toonly. It works offline as well as it does online, so whether you have internet available or are working on a project off the grid, you can complete your job with no problems. Since the software is downloaded to your computer, you can work independent of any internet connection.

What Can You Do With Toonly

Animated explainer videos are a huge hit and it is no surprise. If you try to reach a target market today, you will be competing with thousands of other similar products and services. It is often difficult to rise above the din of your competitors, many of whom have made some serious investments to create stunning marketing tools. Put simply, animated explainer videos make you much more visible to your target market. You can make them as short or as long as you want, integrate as many design elements as necessary, and create a look, feel, and vibe that is uniquely yours.

Toonly was created mainly as a tool to help bridge the gap that exists between product/service creators and their target market. It is a way for content creators to produce explainer videos without breaking the bank. It also helps cut out the usual middlemen in these transactions. With Toonly, you can do away with the services of a video creator and designer, and produce your own projects using an affordable program.

Furthermore, Toonly gives you total control over your project. You have all the necessary tools at the end of your fingers. With a few clicks here and there, you can create, delete, replace, animate, and complete a cartoon video that is exactly how you want it to appear. That saves you more in terms of time, money, and worries that you would otherwise have to contend with if you worked with a freelancer.

Lastly, you can customize your video to your heart’s content. Toonly’s preloaded images are custom images. You will find zero stock images in this program. This is a nice touch from the creators because we all know how boring and predictable stock images can be. As such, you can combine any number of characters and objects with scene, text, and music to create a project that is distinctively and uniquely yours.

Toonly Applications

Toonly can be used to create different types of explainer videos for a wide range of topics and purposes, such as:

-Sales and marketing for products and/or services
-Instructions for a procedure
-Demonstration of a product, service, or idea
-Visual explanation of a concept or procedure
-Teaching courses in virtually any subject

Although Toonly is mostly being promoted as a tool for businesses, it can actually be used for many other purposes. The potential it presents is almost limitless, considering that it can combine visual images with music and narration. A marketer, for example, can use this integration to personally reach out to his/her target market or a manufacturer can utilize videos to provide simplified instructions for certain procedures. If you are a content creator, you can use Toonly videos as a means to teach a course or to supplement a text-based course. Furthermore, if you are a writer and would like to branch out to animation to tell your stories but have limited skills in doing illustrations and using more complicated animation software, you can easily use Toonly.

How Easy is Toonly?

Toonly is backed by intuitive design. The whole point of designing a program like Toonly was to ensure that even the most inexperienced video creators can create their own videos without professional training or assistance. When someone says that Toonly is so easy that even a child can use it, they are not exaggerating. Toonly is, indeed, very easy to use. Literally, you can choose a scene, drag and drop characters and other elements, then animate them as you wish. Add music and/or voiceover narration and you are done.

PROs & CONs Listing

-Intuitive, very easy to use
-Designed for beginners and inexperienced video creators; does not require a high level of expertise in design or video creation
-Pre-made scenes and animated characters make the creation of storylines very easy
-Contains thousands of preloaded custom (not stock) images that can be combined in multiple ways to create unique content
-Text can be added to the video to explain details
-Sound files can be applied to the video including voiceovers
-Allows you to upload images of your own, whether it’s a character, object, or background
-Completed projects are easy to export and publish on online sites and social media
-Can be installed on multiple computers using one license; does not require additional payment
-Offers regular and free updates
-Can be used offline

-Does not allow syncing of a specific sound file with a specific image or animation; there is a way around this, though but will require a bit of extra work
-No custom image animations at the moment, although future upgrades to the program just might include this feature
-It is not free but is available in affordable monthly payments
-The pack does not offer a free trial; however, it does have a money-back guarantee that eliminates the risk

Why Use Toonly?

Toonly lets you create animated explainer videos that capture the attention of your target audience and keep them entertained. Whatever your purpose is, whether it’s to sell, market, promote, convince, teach, or just simply to entertain, Toonly has all the tools you need to make and complete a project quite easily. In fact, it is possible to finish a simple project in just a few minutes using this program. With this much power in your hands, imagine what you can complete in an hour.

If you create videos or are planning to produce your own videos but do not have the skills or the budget, consider Toonly. This program is a great tool in freeing you from the burden of difficult-to-master video creation software and allowing you to explore your creative and entrepreneurial side. Put simply, Toonly is a tool for business and learning. So should you buy it or trash it? With its host of benefits and advantages, definitely get yourself Toonly and get started on your first explainer video.


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